Dr. Leigh has an excellent bedside manner and spent a considerable amount of time educating me on my impending surgery. I am very much looking forward to having the surgery completed and realize that I made an excellent choice by selecting Dr. Leigh as my surgeon.

Dr. Philbin, I never thought I could look so beautiful. I can never thank you enough for making me whole again. You are one in a million.

I received my before and after photos from you today and I had to send you this note and say “THANK YOU”!! Wow, what a difference, what a beautiful difference. I am more than pleased with my results. I want to thank you for taking this journey with me. Since the surgery, every time I look in the mirror I smile, as I am truly overjoyed with what I see. You are a fabulous doctor! I could not have picked anyone better. I have been telling everyone I know to go and see Dr. Wilke. – A 34-year-old breast augmentation patient

As a young mother of two, I had lost significant volume in my breasts following the births of my children. I wanted to feel good about my body again, but I was terrified to undergo elective breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Leigh’s confidence in his ability to perform the surgery was tremendously reassuring. Immediately before the procedure began, I was extremely anxious, but Dr. Leigh once again reassured me and eased my fears by holding my hand until I was unconscious from the anesthesia. That small interpersonal gesture made a huge difference in my experience. I felt that Dr. Leigh actually cared about my well being and obtaining the best results for me. I wasn’t just a number. I am beyond pleased with the results.

I am 57 years old and giddy with joy at the results of my breast augmentation. I credit the Vectra 3D camera with giving me the courage to “go for” the larger size implants. I have always been a small-breasted woman and am quiet petite so it was difficult for me to imagine myself with larger breasts.

Wonderful experience! Sweet, gentle, patient, helpful staff from consultation to post-op check ups. I visited 4 plastic surgeons, Dr. Wilke was the least expensive and had the best bedside manner and facilities. Also liked that he was willing to see me to discuss my expectations and concerns as many times as I wanted before the procedure. Not looking to, but would have another procedure there in a heartbeat!

Dr. Philbin encouraged me to come back as many times as I wanted to until I was satisfied and confident what size implant I chose. He explained in detail the procedure and answered all of my questions and concerns. He also takes a strong approach to pain management post op to try to make you as comfortable as possible. I am very happy with the results of my surgery.

I have been taking kickboxing and pilates classes for the last 9 years plus walking, biking and my regular workouts at LA Fitness but still could never see any positive results in my ab area, until now. I finally decided to take the plunge and had abdominoplasty surgery without muscle repairs with Dr. Nathan Leigh at EPS. After my surgery, I was thrilled to see that I do indeed have rock hard ab muscles to show off!!! Dr. Leigh was an amazing surgeon and I absolutely love my results. I should have done this years ago!!!

I had wanted to get a breast augmentation for a long time and when I left my first appointment at Edina Plastic Surgery I literally cried from happiness and excitement. The ability to see my own body on the computer was very important to me. Not only was I able to see what the implants would look like when placed under a muscle, I was able to see what it would look like on me vs. what it looks like on others.

I had an ABSOLUTELY amazing experience with Dr. Leigh and the entire staff of Edina Plastic Surgery. From the consult to the surgery to the follow up appointments, I have had nothing but exceptional service and care. Everyone was super, and I am so very pleased with the outcome. Dr. Leigh goes above and beyond to make sure that his patients get exactly what they are looking for. It was not nearly as painful as I thought it would be, and I was able to get back in the gym (with restrictions)within a week after surgery. If you are thinking about cosmetic surgery, you owe it to yourself to make an appointment with Dr. Leigh and Edina Plastic Surgery.

I am very pleased with my results and appreciate Dr. Philbin’s artistry and dedication.

Dr. Wilke, I would like to say thank you to your staff and especially to you. Everyone was so nice and caring. It has made this experience a very positive one. You have helped change my life for the better. I felt like I was losing myself and thanks to you I am found. Thank you doesn’t seem like it is enough, but from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! – 35 year old abdominoplasty and liposuction patient (“mommy makeover”)

I met with three different doctors before I chose Dr. Leigh to do my surgery. I had my abdominoplasty with him a few months ago and I am so happy with my results! Dr. Leigh has been awesome. He spent a lot of time with me explaining the procedure, making sure I had adequate expectations and answering my endless questions. He was very attentive to my wishes as well. Dr. Leigh is a very confident and talented doctor. And, as a bonus, he has a great sense of humor! The surgical facilities at Edina Plastic Surgery are great my day of surgery experience was excellent. Everyone was extremely nice, helpful and caring. Dr. Leigh has been great during my follow-up as well. I would highly recommend him!

When I tried on the larger implants with a demo bra, I thought I looked ridiculous. But WOW, when I saw myself on the Vectra 3D camera it made all the difference. I looked great! Thank you Edina Plastic Surgery for my beautiful breasts and for having the Vectra 3D technology!

For three years I put up with shoulder and neck pain and finally decided that a breast reduction could solve the problem. Upon the recommendation of my sister-in-law I came to Dr. Leigh and was very impressed with his bedside manner and analysis of my situation. I decided to do a tummy tuck at the same time and cannot believe the awesome results. The stress on my shoulders was relieved almost immediately and with my new flat tummy I can even wear a bikini for the first time in my life. The office staff and everyone who assisted were so friendly and helpful and treated me with the utmost respect. Thank you, Dr. Leigh for your kind words and the excellent job you did. I would recommend you highly to anyone.

I saw Dr. Wilke at Edina Plastic Surgery for Breast Augmentation. He was fantastic to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone undergoing plastic surgery. I had an absolutely excellent experience with Dr. Wilke. I interviewed many surgeons that had great reviews on Angie’s list and he was hands down the best one that I met with. The office was first class and the staff is cheerful and welcoming. I felt that his consultation was the most informative and that he had a great calm and confident presence. I felt like I could 100% trust him with the surgery. I had breast augmentation to resurrect my breasts to what they looked like pre-kids. Dr. Wilke took my measurements and made recommendations on size. He also has a dedicated staff member to help with sizing. She worked with me on trying on different sizes so I could visualize what I’d look like, including giving me a virtual before and after images with their new computer/3D camera. I wanted to look natural and I have been extremely happy with their recommendations. My breasts look even better than they did before kids! My recovery was much easier than I thought it would be. I believe it was because of the skilled technique of Dr. Wilke and because of the pain regimen recommendations. I took two days off work and was completely fine returning on day three.

Dr. Wilke did my reduction and they look 100% untouched. From the nipple being completely removed to the scars that are supposed to be underneath they are so faint you can’t even see them until you get a microscope. He is extremely compassionate and cares so much about the outcome. I can’t imagine any single PS could have done better. There was really no room for improvement when he was finished.

Dr. Philbin, Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did. You have given me my confidence back. I feel beautiful and I have you to thank for that.

When I made the decision to drive up to Minneapolis for plastic surgery I came to your practice and was so glad I did. The care I received was incredible and the fact that all the surgeons are board-certified was very comforting. I have recommended Edina Plastic Surgery to colleagues and friends.

Hello Dr. Philbin. I briefly met you following my sister-in-law’s surgery. Thank you for the excellent care you provided and for taking the time to answer our questions. It was greatly appreciated!

I did a lot of research and interviewed many plastic surgeons before I decided on having Dr. Wilke perform my surgery and I know that I made an excellent choice. I am a medical professional who works in a critical care area of a Twin Cities hospital and feel that I am in a good position to judge competency and skill. The surgery and care that I received just one week ago was nothing short of exceptional. Dr. Wilke is a meticulous surgeon, the nurse anesthetists are extremely experienced and the OR and nursing staff are the best. I received superior care from start to finish and am so happy I made my choice to use this surgeon and his team. When you have surgery you put your life in the hands of strangers, not really knowing too much other than their credentials, track record and what you can glean from reviews, recommendations and just an intuitive sense. It’s a very scary thing. I usually don’t do these kinds of reviews but felt like I had to do this one so that women can read this to help them make a decision that is right for them and hopefully ease their fears. I would without hesitation recommend using this surgical center. My surgery went beautifully, and the results better than anticipated.

Dr. Wilke, thank you for your excellent work. I am very happy with the results of my facelift. It was a joy to be a patient of yours. It is easy to see that you are a perfectionist who takes pride in doing the job the right ay the first time. I appreciated your explanations and your willingness to answer all of my questions without making me feel silly for asking them. Continue to do your great work! – 54 year old facelift patient

To everyone at Edina Plastic Surgery, thank you all so much for your caring and compassionate care during my facelift, browlift and blepharoplasty. In my opinion you were the top Minneapolis plastic surgery practice for many reasons. I really did my homework before choosing EPS – I found there were so many great benefits that your practice offered. I loved the fact that you have an in-house surgery center on the same floor as your offices, and appreciated the discreet back elevator and entrance for my post-op visits. Your facilities are so much better than the other three surgeons that I interviewed. I was just much more comfortable in the surroundings at EPS. And I couldn’t be happier with my results. I feel refreshed and more energetic. I definitely made the right decision! – 51 year old facelift patient

Dr. Wilke, I am writing to thank you for the happiness I feel with the procedures I have chosen you as my physician to perform surgically. It is a big decision choosing a surgeon, but twice I have chosen you for facial surgery and lipo and your experience, expertise, and artistic ability to understand exactly what my goal is is phenomenal!I have recommended you to friends and family and they feel completely satisfied with their results. Thank you so much, I will continue to recommend you.

Dr. Wilke, I was so pleased with the results that I got from my procedures the first time I visited you that I recently came in for a fat transfer to some places that looked “gaunt” in my face. You were kind and caring during the procedure and very concerned about me. You kept asking how I was doing and I appreciate it. I would highly re-recommend you to anyone interested in any kind of plastic surgery.

Dr. Philbin, Thank you so much for everything! I could not have asked for a better surgery or a better doctor. I really feel amazing and I owe it all to you! Thanks for listening to me throughout the whole procedure. I really appreciate it.

Previously I thought that feeling this good about myself was nothing but a distant memory. But I am so thrilled with the results of my procedure! I appreciated Dr. Philbin’s kindness and expertise from the first moment I met him. I knew I could put my trust in him, and am so glad that I did!

Dr. Philbin, thank you so much! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of your hard work on my behalf. You went out of your way to make sure that I was happy and satisfied!

WOW!! Thank you Dr. Wilkie for making me look fabulous. From the time I spoke with Dr. Wilkie about my surgery, until it was completed I was treated with such kindness and respect. I felt so important and cared for. I look great and feel great. I am so happy to have had Dr. Wilkie do the surgery. He has a special touch.

Dr. Philbin was incredibly attentive before, during and after my surgery. I am beyond pleased with the outcome.

I had been recommended to Dr Leigh by multiple girlfriends. His kindness and consideration for my expectations were honest and professional. After care has been incredible, Dr Leigh literally held my hand through the last two years post surgery. I tell every woman to see this surgeon for any questions they have.

I had liposuction on my arms, abs, and thighs performed by doctor Philbin. He was amazing. The surgery completely changed my life – I dropped 3 pant sizes and look fabulous! I highly recommend Dr. Philbin and Edina Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Wilke is an amazing surgeon, a true artist! It takes more than schooling and experience to deliver the kind of results I received from him! It takes a special eye, and love of his craft that goes way beyond the operating room. I am truly amazed every time I look in the mirror.

My 21 year old daughter had breast implants with Dr. Leigh. She and I are incredibly pleased with the attention she received and what an incredible job Dr. Leigh did. I was so impressed, that I am having a tummy tuck, lipo and breast augmentation/lift done in 1 month. I have been in to see Dr. Leigh twice already and he has sat with me and my notebook of questions and has answered every one for me. I am very excited and VERY confident in his work!

Dr. Philbin, thank you for the amazing job you did on my surgery. You are not only a tremendously skilled surgeon, but you show passion and dedication to your patients. My experience could not have been better.