breast augmentation surgery

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Our Minneapolis breast augmentation surgery is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures in the United States today. The surgeons at Edina Plastic Surgery in Minneapolis are Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and specialize in breast augmentation. Our group was selected to participate in the FDA's clinical trials for silicone breast implants and we use only FDA-approved saline and silicone gel implants made in the United States. Placement of breast implants has tremendous benefits to self esteem and confidence, ease of wearing clothing and gender identity. The satisfaction rate from breast augmentation surgery is extremely high.

Appropriate candidates for breast augmentation mammoplasty are those women with breast or rib cage asymmetry, volume loss with pregnancy, mild sag or ptosis, small breast size in proportion to the rest of the body, or to correct breast volume loss from surgical means or trauma.

There are two types of implants currently available and FDA-approved in the United States. These are saline filled implants with a silicone elastomer shell and cohesive silicone gel filled implants, also with a silicone elastomer shell. The patient must be at least 22 years of age to have a silicone gel implant placed. The type of implant right for you will depend on your individual goals and circumstances, your exam and discussion with your plastic surgeon. It may be that both are equally good options for you, in which case with the help of your plastic surgeon, the style that best matches your goals will be selected. Some of the differences of saline and silicone implants are listed below.

Saline is less expensive, firmer, and has more ripple potential. It also can be put into a smaller incision no matter the size of the implant and is adjustable in volume.

Silicone gel is more expensive, tends to be softer and show ripples less, however, it needs a bigger incision the bigger the implant gets. It is also the most natural feeling implant because the silicone gel is thicker and more the consistency of body tissues.

Some of the common risks of breast augmentation are: Ruptures which will occur at some point if the implants are kept long enough; ripples, especially along the sides of the breast and may be reduced by a submuscular placement; and capsular contracture, or tightening of the scar capsule surrounding the breast implant which can form after surgical placement of the implant. Scar contracture can be reduced by meticulous surgical breast augmentation technique and a strict sterile technique. Infection is another risk occurring at a rate of less than 0.2% at Edina Plastic Surgery. This rate is well below the national average. There can also be skin or nipple areolar sensation changes, possibly showing more feeling and less feeling.

There are three incision options for placement of a breast implant: Transaxillary – from the under arm area, in which an endoscope is used to assist in creation of the pocket, Inframammary—in the breast crease, and Periareolar—from the nipple area. You may be a good candidate for only one of these breast augmentation approaches, or all three. There are two pocket options for the implant itself: under the pectoralis major muscle (submuscular, partial submuscular or biplanar), and under the breast gland itself (subglandular). The surgeons at Edina Plastic Surgery in Minneapolis have extensive experience in all of the breast augmentation incisions and both pocket placement options. They will assist you in selection of the best approach suited for your needs.

During your FREE consultation with a surgeon at Edina Plastic Surgery, you will discuss your areas of concern and your goals for breast augmentation mammoplasty. You will have an examination and will get the opportunity to have a virtual 3-D image of your own body showing different sizes/shapes of implants on your own frame. Edina Plastic Surgery is the only plastic surgery practice in the state to have the Vectra XT 3D Camera which allows patients to see their “after photos” before surgery and be given the chance to use sizing implants to see how various size and shape implants could work for you in attaining your goals.

The surgical process itself takes about three hours. You will be asked to arrive an hour early for check in and preparation for breast augmentation surgery. The surgery itself takes about an hour and you will recover for an hour or so. An adult is required to give you a ride home and spend the first 24 hours with you. This is a safety rule for all outpatient surgery. Your surgeon will see you for a follow up within 24 to 48 hours after surgery to go over instructions and answer questions that may arise.

The breast augmentation surgery is done at our own in-house AAAASF-approved surgical facility in Minneapolis; which is state-licensed and staffed with the finest specialty-trained personnel available. Plastic surgery is all we do and patient safety is our first concern. The facility itself is connected to Fairview Southdale Hospital by an underground tunnel should you desire to spend the night in a hospital setting. One of our board certified surgeons is on call 24/7 to answer questions and be available should the need arise. Also, we have a very large on-site supply of implants from both Mentor and Inamed Corporations should the need for a change of size or implant replacement occur at the last minute.

For pain management, Edina Plastic Surgery pioneered the use of pain management pumps like the On-Q. In some cases our surgeons may inject EXPAREL into the surgical incision. This local analgesic provides pain relief by numbing the tissue around the surgical site and can control pain for up to 72 hours. We also have a variety of other techniques to help make the augmentation mammoplasty as pleasant and pain-free as possible. These include the use of rapid recovery surgical techniques, muscle relaxers, appropriate pain medications and a postoperative recovery plan to get you back to normal as soon as safely possible.

Consultations at Edina Plastic Surgery are FREE and can be scheduled by calling 952-925-1765 or click the link on the upper left side of this website page.

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